LSV'S Dominaria Sealed Tips for GP Vegas!

  1. Play 2 colors plus a splash - Most decks play two main colors and splash a third, usually for good gold cards and removal.
  2. Maindeck up to two copies of [card]Broken Bond[/card] and [card]Invoke the Divine[/card], and one [card]Pierce the Sky[/card]. Artifacts, enchantments, and fliers run rampant, and I've never been unhappy with these "sideboard cards" starting in my maindeck.
  3. Stay away from building aggro. Decks in this format are powerful, slow, and packed with removal. The way to beat them is not to try and go under them, as there aren't enough tools to make a consistent aggro deck.
  4. Fliers are great, even clunky-looking ones like [card]Aven Sentry[/card]. There are a lot of board stalls, and having evasive creatures is an easy path to victory.
  5. [card]Cold-Water Snapper[/card] is awesome. This card can single-handedly (single-clawedly?) defeat some decks, and if you have equipment or [card]On Serra's Wings[/card], it's nigh-unbeatable.
Good luck to everyone playing in Vegas, and hopefully these tips help you crush any sealed tournament you end up joining. I'll see you in Sin City! LSV