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Last updated on 2019年3月15日

After watching u/ProfessorSTAFF‘s latest card sleeve review, and seeing his summary of all of his sleeve reviews at the end, I realized how daunting it would be for new players to go through all of those videos to determine which sleeves are right for them. I made the table below to catalog the reviews, sorted by score, and hopefully make it easier to find the Professor’s review of a particular sleeve. The links in the table jump directly to the particular sleeve’s review in the relevant video.

Note: Reviews of inner sleeves are not included.

KMC Hyper MatA+
Dragon Shield MatteA-
Dragon ShieldA-
Dragon Shield CopperA-
KMC Hyper Mat PremiumA-
KMC Super SeriesA-
Dragon Shield FusionA- / B+
Legion Illustrated MatteB+
Legion Double MatteB+
Legion Double Matte TealB+
Inked Playmats IllustratedB+ / B
Dex Protection Hyper MatB
Player’s ChoiceB
Yanoman 100 Ct OriginalB
Ultimate Guard Supreme MatteB-
Ultra Pro Pro SlayerB- / C+
Ultimate Guard SupremeC+
Ultra Pro Pro-MatteC
Ultra Pro StandardC
BCW Double MatteC
Monster Super MatteC
Ultra Pro MetallicC-
Ultra Pro JapaneseC-
Ultra Pro IllustratedC-
Fantasy FlightC-
Fantasy Flight IllustratedC-
Ultimate Guard Supreme MetallicD+
Legion GlossyD+
RFG RoundedD
Legion Elder Dragon LairD
Max Protection Neo SleevesD-
Ultra Pro Deck Protector IllustratedF
Max Protection TournamentF
Max Protection AlphaF



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